Friday, March 30, 2012

Trust in Advertising by Michelle Michaels

Trust in Advertising -- a hot and cold rollercoaster

The story is told from both Alexandra "Lexi" White -- a seemingly shy woman who takes some hard knocks in life but manages to overcome her shell of disbelief as well as harbouring a major crush that has grown over the years for her boss (Vincent).

And Vincent "Vince" Drake -- a naive, arrogant, hot-and-cold and blind "hottie" who is Lexi's boss who deals with his demon -- naivety to achieve true love and success. Not only that -- he deals with his past deceptions (people walking out on him, letting him down and leaving him alone) and turns from the cold and bitter fool to a joyful, warm and loving.

The thing i really loved about this book was definitely the banter between Lexi and Vincent but not only that -- the growing attraction between the two..

But Vincent has a choice to make:

Exhibit A: Lexi (~basically i told you about at the top~)

Exhibit B: Jade (a superficial model -- blatantly shallow and bitchy who is extremely narcissistic)

~Despite this  who does Vincent choose the girl that is good for him -- NOOOOO~

He chooses Jade because she's the safe option -- she could never get close enough for him to open up his heart to her. 

Instead he fights his growing attraction and love for Lexi -- His family loves her and encourages her to go after him but Vincent's past has made him bitter, angry and mistrusting of people and see her as the key to unlocking his real self. 

It all comes down to a loyalty and trust issues...scandal rocks the family advertising firm and sometimes things don't look the way they actually are -- does he trust Lexi ~the "unsafe" option?? Quoting Vincent -- What the Hell??~ or Jade ~Severe megabitch who loves terrorising everyone -- the apparent "safe" option?? Once again quoting Vincent ~

Who is telling the truth? Can Vincent -- who has been let down, lied to and betrayed in the past recognize loyalty and truth? 

This story follows it's own formula for contemporary romance rather than the normal script. 

~FYI not very much sex scenes -- just some hot kisses -- finally a first because most contemporary romantic books have to have sex in it to portray a "loving relationship" but this book had  an intense sense of longing, attraction and emotion of a relationship without it -- YAY YAY YAY~

Lexi's years of silently loving this boy now man -- seeps into you ~because I definitely felt the longing~
I felt the hurt -- seeing him with Jade. 

Victoria Michaels  does a wonderful job showing Vincents growing attraction and addiction to Lexi as he contemplates letting Jade go to take a chance and trusting again.

To be honest the ending wasn't all that great -- it was extremely rushed -- after reading so many romance novels -- I MISS THE SEX SCENES! -- no matter how big or small

The scene at the end with them interacting with Vincent's family again was pretty vague -- What of Sean and Hope or Christina and Julian (even though it featured Christina and Julian) -- it wasn't deep.


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