Sunday, March 4, 2012

Her Perfect Revenge by Anna Mara

~Three words.. Her Perfect Revenge -- a definite emotional roller-coaster~

 This book is a perfect example of the push and pull attraction between characters that I love so much. 

Lets start with the main characters: Bill, a rich, arrogant playboy jerk who basks in his father's riches and will stop at nothing to remain there - even get married.

And Christina, a photojournalist who is hell bent on extracting her revenge on Bill, who humiliated her immensely during her freshman year which forced her into boarding school.

Together they create immense  heat and friction without even being a couple. There is banter, wit, fighting, backbone, back stabbing,  conniving and heartbreak however the fires of love are ignited between the two -- all leading to a very satisfying end..

~So Anna Mara, thank you; you actually made the protagonists work for that happily ever after~

Some people who have read this book already definitely criticize the book for some of its clichés and its unrealistic decisions but I must say -- they didn't board the emotional roller-coaster of the book and truly revel in its glory.

 The positives definitely outweigh the negatives in the book, the banter is comical and sexy at the same time. I found the characters believable -- basically they were easy to empathize with as they were well written. 

The multiple schemes from each character is easy to keep track of. Anna clearly intertwines them together very well. All the main characters had a scheme to play out -- leading to the big bang..

 Everyone scrambled to watch their backs, everyone learned about each other and ultimately discovered themselves.

I felt nervous at the right times, I felt excited at the right times, I felt foreboding at the right times and my heart broke over and over again as I knew it lead to something BIG.

I highly recommend this book to readers of romance, wit, strong characters, relationship tension,  hopeless romantics and those who love to watch Gossip Girl.


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