Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bond Girl by Erin Duffy

Bond Girl, Erin Duffy's entry into the world of literature - it is safe to say this book is a combination of Wall Street meets The Devil Wears Prada -- Erin Duffy consciously combined aspects of those two stories to come up with hers. All thoughts along those lines should be banished -- ~Out with the old and in with the new~ — Bond Girl is a "fresh?", "original?" take on the financial market and the women vs men scenario at topic which has surfaced since the days of Helen Gurley Brown ~Yes everyone I do know she was the former editor-in-chief for Cosmopolitan from 1965 to 1997 -- basically the spearhead of the female freedom..Don't think I don't know these things when I write my reviews~

Let's face it, Bond Girl isn't “fresh”, “hip” and "original" nor is it even remotely funny. You could basically see the ending of the story from a mile away -- financial crashes (considering this book is about the financial market in the first place -- this is probabely the only juicy stuff it could put out.. And I won't even start about the relationship -- because that deserves a slam paragraph of its own that's how averagely bad it was.. Basically this book was mellow and empty. The only thing you may find interesting about this book is the brief, extremely brief look into the workings of a bond department -- ~Yes finally some inner workings into the stock market -- gone in a flash~..

I didn't hate this book but I was frustrated by a lot of it -- so I'll say its pretty average..

Alex Garrett, ~the women in the middle of the men -- please take your mind out of the gutter when reading that OK..~ the blurb makes her sound like a courageous, brave, unstoppable and independant woman -- but take me seriously when I say the classic line -- don't judge a book by it's cover (or blurb for that matter).. Some books succeed and some books fail to back up their glossy and enticing blurbs and covers when it comes to reading matter.. Now don't start thinking that this book was outstanding -- for me it didn't feel that way.. The protagonist is basically a moot point character -- nothing really stands out about her - yeah she may get ballsy at times but she definitely made the worst decisions..

The Relationship -- on-going, mixed signals relationship with a co-worker, Will. You may pick up some huge warning signs that there is something Will is hiding long before Alex does. In fact, I'd say that is my biggest frustration with the novel--how long it takes Alex to put the pieces together and pull her head out of the sand about Will.. This relationship did not show me that this was a “smart” or good book nor did it prove that Alex was a smart and independent woman like the blurb made her out to be.. She pushed away good men for that cheating bastard -- bad decision by her -- she payed for it in the end.. I absolutely hated how she acted like it was the end of the world when it (the breakup) happened -- she was a downright downer.. She even had an opportunity to pick herself up and become a strong character but she just had to drown in her sad emotions didn't she.. ~Sorry I'm rambling but I can't help it -- this book was destined for more and didn't live up to expectations~

This book is almost identical to “The Devil Wears Prada” -- the only difference in Bond Girl is that Alex’s mentor/boss "Chick" ~It isn't his name just a nickname I swear -- they all have nicknames.. That was one good point -- made it more familiar but other than that NO WAY was it a good book~ is not gay..

The other thing that peeved me off was of course the ending -- the ending in a good book is supposed to draw things to a close OR leave the reader at a cliffhanger wanting more.. Frankly this book did neither of those...Why? Alex hinted at a new career, but an explanation? NO..NONE ..ZIP.. NADA. Alex immediately has to go find the good-guy-that-she-dated-but-blew-off THE DAY she quit her job and spent the afternoon crying "like a fifth grader" ~Quoted from Alex herself~.. It's easily understand that Alex wanted new beginnings -- it was totally rushed to me -- it seemed like the author was done and wanted to tie everything up as quickly as possible -- it definitely reflected. Overally, I enjoyed parts of the book, but felt that the writing was weak overall. I felt this book was written weakly, there was no substance to the plot and the characters were flimsy.. I'd recommend this book to readers who like average boring books ~I should hope there is nobody like that~


Friday, April 13, 2012

Fifty Shades Series by E.L. James

The Series in order from left to right -- Fifty Shades of Grey (1),
Fifty Shades Darker (2) and Fifty Shades Freed (3)
I decided than write 3 long reviews about 3 really good books, I'd just write one good one. ~I promise not to make it go on forever and ever -- I don't want you readers to fall asleep before the end of the review~

To start off these book was enthralling -- they had me under a spell for all 3 of the books. ~For my book standards that is pretty damn good~ They were honestly an amazing read - I was a bit tentative starting the books ~I was in such a blank spot -- by that time I had read all of my collection a few times over.. Just plain bored and my enthusiasm levels were low~ However, this is one of the best series the romance genre has to offer..

Anastasia "Ana" Grey née Steele, a university graduate who becomes the assistant to the commissioning editor at SIP (later the commissioning editor). At the start of the series Ana starts out shy and quiet in nature and emitted an aura of innocence however through the series progression she becomes more confident in herself and actions -- frequently standing up for her beliefs and strived to protect her loved ones.

Christian Grey, a billionaire CEO of Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc. At the start of the series Christian is reserved, possessive, stalkerish, authoritarian, elusive, mercurial, serious, arrogant, cold-hearted, controlling ~Definitely controlling~ and lacked in empathy and sympathy, though with time (through the series) these qualities lessened or vanished and were replaced with love, kindness and caring etc etc etc ~All the mushy lurrve qualities -- BTW the controlling is still there~ as he openned up his distraught and depressed world to his love Ana.

At the start (Fifty Shades of Grey) Christian ~With all his ugly qualities~ contracts Ana Steele to be his sub.. ~Yes when I say sub I mean the whole BDSM scene~ Ana is of course a virgin and is completely innocent when it comes to the topic of sex and doesn't have any experience ~Hence dubbed virgin -- why am I repeating myself I'm not sure~.. By saying that she doesn't know the difference between right and wrong when it comes to BDSM or sex hence questioning everything that they adventure upon ~Too much to list and not gonna tell you.. you'll just have to read it -- besides im trying to make this review as least dirty as possible~.. Ana very well becomes attracted - and eventually in love - with Christian and wants to be in a relationship with him. Ana feels a connection to him that she has never felt with any other person and she wants him in her life. ~Her attempts to balance the connection and love for Christian were depicted fantastically.. It's really easy for the readers (excluding myself) to react, think and feel the exactly the same as her -- Ana is an extremely relatable character~.. However this is not the case with Christian who is emotionally unstable and strives to control and dominated everything ~and I mean everything when I say everything~ (including his sex life -- BDSM dominant).. His BDSM necessities clash with Ana's wants for a loving relationship -- he needs Ana to live basically.. The contract becomes void due to differing ideas and Ana walks out on Christian regardless of her love for him.

One big No No for me was the BDSM -- I'm not a BDSM reader or follower - I don't understand it ~I'm not saying this to offend anyone~.. The BDSM scene felt foreign to me but E.L. James made it seem entirely believable and put a good spotlight upon it.

From the first page of their encounter, the chemistry between Anastasia and Christian was off the charts -- their Dom/Sub relationship was so intense. Their connection throughout the novel radiates strength despite Ana and Christian's backgrounds -- the constant back and forth of them trying to fit together, trying to understand what the other wants, what they themselves want, etc etc etc. The dialogue, the emails, the banter and flirting between them was marvelous -- ~Silly grins plastered my face for most the entire book~..

This goes back to my first point, but I was just so amazed by how realistic their relationship seemed, despite the BDSM sub/dom factor It was complex, distressing, uplifting and somewhat hopeful.

(Fifty Shades Darker), Anastasia Steele has broken up with Christian Grey because his demands were too overwhelming for her manage. (Not much time has passes since their separation) -- tare both are heart sick and make their way back to each other through Christian’s crafty ploys. Meanwhile, Ana establishes her career in the publishing industry.

The couple journey down a much more treacherous impassioned journey when it comes to opening up and laying bare many deep rooted emotional scars. As layers of Christian’s past are stripped away, Ana and Christian grow as a couple by learning to meet each others emotional needs, further entwining their already connected hearts together.

Two women from Christian’s past push Ana’s hot buttons which forces the couple to confront the outcome of Christian’s past predilections. Parallelally, Ana contends work issues -- her boss and his questionable intentions...

~Do note this book contains little to none BDSM rather extremely hot plain/normal "vanilla sex" -- quoted by Christian Grey himself~

(Fifty Shades Freed), this book was the most perfect way to end the series -- the couple progressed immensely but suffered their share of setbacks.. ~I'm not gonna delve into this too much because I would most likely unleash all the good spoilers -- they are that great~.. The couple in themselves have changed immensely (especially Fifty -- if you've read the book you'd know that he is Christian) and also the characters around them.

This series felt completely honest; the main characters, their relationship, and the subject matter. Reading this book feels like an intimate act, because Ana and Christian are truly laid bare for the reader to see. Their relationship is so honest -- they both try to be open with one another about their feelings and their doubts, they work through their relationship and help each other face their pasts and ultimately become better people..

This series is extremely well-written. The obstacles are within themselves and their relationship as well as other happenings (not going to explain it will spoil the second book). It had subtle but sizzling chemistry and sexual tension, complex and sophisticated characters and plots ~the characters and storyline weren't cliched or superficial in any way, shape or form... YAY YAY YAY~... However I do have a bone to pick with this series -- there is a level ~for me -- maybe not for you~ where too much sex just makes it boring ~despite how descriptive E.L. James writes it~ this book series went over the top sometimes and I felt myself becoming bored of the frequency...

I'll leave you with this quote (which I found in one of Fifty Shades Darker reviews [by Elizabeth] -- I think it summed up the whole series)

"You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly" - Sam Keen, Author


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Fine Art of Truth or Dare by Melissa Jensen

This book was probably one of my most anticipated novels to be released this year -- I had it in my mind that it could top Stephanie Perkin's Anna and the French Kiss -- I was so rapt... After reading it however I was severely disappointed.
~The story and characters were just one big fumble of a book, however the writing was alright~ 

I didn't enjoy the book to be frank -- it was just a story going nowhere.. It was extremely awkward and there were multiple times I gave up ~It just took a lot of chanting -- "OMG it might get good you never know" but unfortunately that didn't result into anything~

I was sooo looking forward to the book because of the blurb -- The-invisible-girl-in-a-happily-ever-after-with-the-golden-boy-and-the-girl-has-to-overcome-her-insecurities-to-achieve-this clichè... ~Ha! Try reading that without a breath~ Mel, I gotta say well done in exciting every fan with your great blurb --  But sorry, you DIDN'T deliver. How must I start to fathom the wrongs? 

The main character Ella, a weak and insecure girl who is soo rapt up in everything to do with her insecurities (her burn scar and how people looked at her) and was seriously JUDGMENTAL, severely INSECURE -- basically a bottom-line DOWNER. Ella was completely clichèd and was really weird -- I mean come on she would have conversations with him -- I thought that was damn right weird -- you don't talk to imaginary people (unless the author writes it very very well -- Mel didn't -- her's is a prime example of a complete fail).. Melissa Jensen didn't bother to fully explore Ella -- I just felt that she wasn't fleshed out at all. She didn't make me feel any emotion at all ~Which really does suckk~

Next up we have Alex Bainbridge, "the golden boy" of Willing School, he is pretty plain guy really, Mel just really fluffs him up to look better than he actually was -- he didn't have pizzazz or any stand-out qualities -- basically a typical nice guy however he does get the girl.  I was just expecting so much more from him. In my opinion he had his nice moments, but was downright cold to everyone who wasn't of the same monetary status as him -- just didn't do it for me. Also I don't think he had any rememberable qualities -- I mean only the best do -- what I mean is most fans remember swoon worthy quotes of their favourite book fantasies -- if this were my book fantasy it would be seriously lacking. I did however like how he showed Ella to actually love and value herself -- I admire him for that.

Edward Willing?! Why did you have to introduce him into the book? Isn't this story supposed to be a romance story not a historical adventure into the past, which was pretty much all the story was (you definitely strayed a far way from the blurb, I must add). Having Ella talking to a figment in her imagination was a bit schizo.. and this ultimately added to the crash and burn of this book. I mean, history is sometimes interesting but for it to be added into the book it has to be in either subtle small amounts or just has to be underlying, this book had history streaming out of its ears -- it may as well as been a well-slept-on-history-textbook
The romance between the two of them was sweet at times, but I just didn't see them as a couple material -- in other words it was written very weak -- no sophistication to make it even believable -- it was only skin deep.. I mean where the hell was any sexual action or hot scenes? Well there was none ~Awkward~ Having no romance is a b
it of a bummer -- The book supposed to be about a romance between Alex and Ella? I don't know -- I only saw a little scattering of it -- the romance is the one of the best parts in books, as well as some of the action~ 

The slight highlight of the book was actually the secondary characters -- Ella's bestfriends (Frankie and Sadie) -- I found Frankie more enjoyable to read than Sadie -- he was hilarious -- he added a slight spark to the book but that's about it..

I didn't enjoy or love this book... I'm trying to be more optimistic when it comes to Melissa Jensen's future novellas because this one didn't do it for me..

~I hope you other readers/potential readers out there like/will like this book more then I did -- because I definitely didn't~ 

This book was an epic FAIL... The end


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Amplified by Tara Kelly

~Ok well I know some of you out there say that "OMG?!" this book is amazingg -- thats great and that must mean you obliviously enjoyed it~

But sadly, I didn't.. Sorry Tara but for me you didn't win me over. The blurb was great -- that's what brought me to your book in the first place. It sounded soo great.. Thats the downfall these days with some books -- totally awesome blurbs but doesn't deliver in the actual story.

This book is basically about Jasmine Kiss, an uptight, rebelious, sassy and fiery bitch who struts around town lying to everyone. She's homeless and doesn't want to go back to her father and ultimately conforming. She decides to sign up for a band so she can live -- turns out she hasn't told the band she has never played live before.

Look everyone these qualities are a cliche of a badass chick ~Usually most authors epically fail at writing these sorts of characters -- but there are a select few who can, but sorry you couldn't Tara~ Jasmine totally frustrated me with her ignorant decisions and her "rebellious" choices -- in other words she was a difficult character.

Next up we have Sean Clove - basically a cold downer -- apparently the love interest ~this guy needs happy pills~ anyway he is soo indecisive when it comes to romantic involvement - I found him very "jerky" ~what I'm trying to say is that he found it quite hard to choose which girl -- back and forth etc, etc~ *Tsk Tsk* I felt like yelling at him "Make up your mind buddy seriously?!"

And his twin sister Veta Clove, an outrageously wild lesbian ~By saying this I'm not discriminating lesbians~ she was sort of the only character I liked in this story -- she oozed enthusiasm and pizzazz, she was somewhat the definition of a strong chick who literally owned the stage.

~There are a lot more characters than this they just owned the spotlight in the story - those who've read it would know~

The story itself didn't satisfy me, it was definitely cliche (badass chick roughs it out because she felt a streak of rebellion -- meets love interest - she loves him, he's a dick - falls for another girl then gets his heart broken. Chicks bitch fight then then they all live happily ever after) ~NOT MY THING!~

Tara honestly you didn't dig deep enough - didn't explore emotion... For me it just reached a point where the excitement continued at the same rate. ~Books are supposed to get better as they progress aren't they??~ I didn't feel that urge to finish it out of dire need rather "may as well" (considering I have read all my reading collection of books -- this book was new meat)

~When I say that I'm moot point I think it could be the fact that I'm against music (with the exception to listening to it -- which I frequently do).. It's just that I've never found playing an instrument interesting -- sorry music fanatics but it's my opinion.. And this book seemed to feature a whole lot of music and its jargon - a whole lot of confusion for me~

I was truly disappointed with this book - it didn't live up to its expectations for me ~But remember this is my opinion~ I would rate this a 3/5 - I didn't love it or hate it rather moot point.. I'd suggest this for those who are rock music lovers, romantics or music enthusiasts (in general) ~One, Both or all Three for that matter~


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

WARNING: THIS BOOK IS LIKE CRACK -- Shout out to Torie (whoever she may be for that one?)

~Making a statement here --- One of the BEST books I've read~

But seriously when i say emotionally exhausting i totally stand by that - when it comes to this book.

Beautiful Disaster was a story that sucked me in from the beginning and kept me on a crazy roller coaster while the two leads figured out their passionate relationship. 

~In this bit I might get a bit whiny~ 

We have protagonist, Abby "Pigeon" Abernathy -- an innocent, virginal girl who loves to whine and huff over every choice that she makes -- creates most of the heartbreak due to her extremely rash decisions over LOVE of all things - i felt like yelling "MAKE UP YOUR MIND GURRL?!" at her the whole book..

As well as  Travis "Mad Dog" Maddox --  the bad boy, underground boxing fighter -- basically totally bad ass, arrogant manwhore.. ~Oh Oh wait i need to finish off this cliche~ Major hottie?? and don't forget that he has tattoos and rides motorcycles

Travis sees Abby as a challenge because she doesn't throw herself at him -- she is kind of rude and up-herself to him

Decide to be friends ~Regardless the fact that its pretty clear that it's only a matter of time before they finally give into their crazy hawt hawt hawt chemistry -- See i even used alliteration there just to emanate how great this is -- gee i must pay attention in English 

They decide to make a bet on one of Travis's fights -- basically if he wins without a scratch she has to move in with him ~Not to mention sleep in the same bed with him~ for a month or if he loses he has to go without sex with chicks for a month...

~Not gonna say the result -- pretty damn obvious because the bet is basically the event that advances the plot~

HOWEVER, they both have lots of issues so basically they keep pushing each other away. Eventually they do get together but they still have a lot of ups and downs before they finally get things figured out.

~If you are looking for a book filled to the top with hawt bad boyz -- this would be a good choice *VOTE #1*... BTW i didn't go for this book because of that reason -- i just read it because it looked good~

This book is a bit of a roller-coaster ride -- so i suggest strap yourself in because there is a whole lot of UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN moments etc etc.. these two fight and make up profusely -- it is extremely hard to keep track..

~Until they finally figure out they want to be together (well he knew right away but she needed to admit it)~

The epilogue however, wasn't to my taste -- it seemed very rushed and over-committed, i don't think Abby or Travis were both emotionally ready for this step ~Not gonna say it -- your just gonna have to read it yourself~

~Recommendation to those who love hot steamy romance, well written chick flick books and those who would can brave an emotional roller-coaster -- cos this book had me all over the shop~

 I'd say separately these characters suck -- but together they were amazing steamy -- i hail Jamie McGuire because of this -- some authors don't provide a lot of depth into the relationship -- rather cliche and superficial but gee this book is filled with spice.

In conclusion this book is one BIG juxtaposition ~I hope that makes sense??~ and i loved it i was just swept off my feet.