Sunday, April 8, 2012

Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

WARNING: THIS BOOK IS LIKE CRACK -- Shout out to Torie (whoever she may be for that one?)

~Making a statement here --- One of the BEST books I've read~

But seriously when i say emotionally exhausting i totally stand by that - when it comes to this book.

Beautiful Disaster was a story that sucked me in from the beginning and kept me on a crazy roller coaster while the two leads figured out their passionate relationship. 

~In this bit I might get a bit whiny~ 

We have protagonist, Abby "Pigeon" Abernathy -- an innocent, virginal girl who loves to whine and huff over every choice that she makes -- creates most of the heartbreak due to her extremely rash decisions over LOVE of all things - i felt like yelling "MAKE UP YOUR MIND GURRL?!" at her the whole book..

As well as  Travis "Mad Dog" Maddox --  the bad boy, underground boxing fighter -- basically totally bad ass, arrogant manwhore.. ~Oh Oh wait i need to finish off this cliche~ Major hottie?? and don't forget that he has tattoos and rides motorcycles

Travis sees Abby as a challenge because she doesn't throw herself at him -- she is kind of rude and up-herself to him

Decide to be friends ~Regardless the fact that its pretty clear that it's only a matter of time before they finally give into their crazy hawt hawt hawt chemistry -- See i even used alliteration there just to emanate how great this is -- gee i must pay attention in English 

They decide to make a bet on one of Travis's fights -- basically if he wins without a scratch she has to move in with him ~Not to mention sleep in the same bed with him~ for a month or if he loses he has to go without sex with chicks for a month...

~Not gonna say the result -- pretty damn obvious because the bet is basically the event that advances the plot~

HOWEVER, they both have lots of issues so basically they keep pushing each other away. Eventually they do get together but they still have a lot of ups and downs before they finally get things figured out.

~If you are looking for a book filled to the top with hawt bad boyz -- this would be a good choice *VOTE #1*... BTW i didn't go for this book because of that reason -- i just read it because it looked good~

This book is a bit of a roller-coaster ride -- so i suggest strap yourself in because there is a whole lot of UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN moments etc etc.. these two fight and make up profusely -- it is extremely hard to keep track..

~Until they finally figure out they want to be together (well he knew right away but she needed to admit it)~

The epilogue however, wasn't to my taste -- it seemed very rushed and over-committed, i don't think Abby or Travis were both emotionally ready for this step ~Not gonna say it -- your just gonna have to read it yourself~

~Recommendation to those who love hot steamy romance, well written chick flick books and those who would can brave an emotional roller-coaster -- cos this book had me all over the shop~

 I'd say separately these characters suck -- but together they were amazing steamy -- i hail Jamie McGuire because of this -- some authors don't provide a lot of depth into the relationship -- rather cliche and superficial but gee this book is filled with spice.

In conclusion this book is one BIG juxtaposition ~I hope that makes sense??~ and i loved it i was just swept off my feet.



  1. I agree that the two of these characters apart kind of suck, but together they're pretty much amazing. Great review! I'm glad you liked this book.

  2. Thankyou so much, after seeing you on Gooreads and then your blog I was inspired to do exactly what you do -- express your feelings about books.