Thursday, March 29, 2012

Young Love Murder by April Brookshire

Annabelle, an emotionally cold girl who is an assassin -- turns out into a loving flower: falls head over heels in love with the "The Love Interest" Gabriel, a hot headed arrogant guy who is hell twisted on revenge ~Those who've read this would know

Gabriel is everything she wants and cannot stop thinking about him, even though she told herself she would never fall in love -- she's an assassin who doesn't need emotion turmoil to wreck her jobs. 

Except Annabelle is contracted to kill his druglord father ~Awkward?~

The story follows Anna and Gabriel's relationship, watching them fall in love and the rollercoaster ride that follows  ~There is so much that happens in this story: fights, betrayal, shootings...and thats just between the happy couple~  

Thankyou -- the book contains two perspectives -- ~Obviously Annabelle and Gabriel~

But having two perspectives can have its downfalls:

1.  I felt like the book could have easily been split into 2 books = 2 perspectives?

2. For me, it felt really long -- had 2 different plots ~It just dragged on and on and on and on, when i thought it was going to end -- it just didn't stop~

And I would find myself snorting or laughing out loud to the snarky, sarcastic inner monologues of them both -- the romance was good considering it wasn't a love at first sight...  The characters are great, not to deep, but fun none the less. 

But other than that, I enjoyed every bit ~Except the fact that it dragged on and on and on

Young Love Murder was pretty good read and I look forward to book 2 in the series -- if there is one.


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