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Crash by Nicole Williams

So do you know how I was going on about this "Revamp Project" going on, I had to push it back because I read this totally great book called Crash by Nicole Williams. This book is really really fantastic, this book is like Beautiful Disaster (by Jamie McGuire) standard.. and I was shocked -- this was a huge heart ache for me.

I was really really amazed with the quality of this book, the first book I read from Nicole Williams was "Fissure" which I really wasn't fussed about. This was a big turn around for me she really developed an emotional connection in Crash -- the characters were completely believeable and were actually explored. So let me tell you this is also an achey rollercoaster -- the story revolves around Lucy Larson who moves to her holiday house after her father's business empire falls apart -- struggling with her mother's salary as an architect... She literally crashes into Jude Ryder (a.k.a the Love Interest for those of you who don't know) ~I think that's why the song is called that? I wouldn't know..~ Yes it sort of starts off as a lusting? Lucy thinks he is a total dickheadd and Jude is totally convinced that she is totally stuck up and wayy out of his league... They were both wrong..

This is a story about how opposites attract -- a boy from the wrong side of the tracks -- whose life has been surrounded by crime all of his life -- a boy who has been rejected. shamed. indignified... a girl who had it all but lost the game of life -- but managed to start again -- a girl who transformed -- sweet. innocent. vunerable. strong.

Lucy Larson, WOW. I actually liked her a lot... she was everything you could want in a girl lead.. she was strong and could actually stand on her own two feet. Also she was really innocent and really sweet she actually treated everyone equally.. However I was a bit unhappy with her choices – she was easily manipulated ~Yes I know it goes against the whole "she is soo strong and I love her" thing that I have going on...~ Lucy didn't trust and when she did it always turned out wrong.. I also didn't like that she was so involved with Jude that she didn't make any sort of solid friendships.. She seemed pretty volatile at times – she easily jumped from conclusion to conclusion – she seemed to lack any sort of faith in anything really..  ~Now that I said all that I'm really starting to doubt whether the positives actually outweigh the negatives~

Jude Ryder where do I begin? I actually liked that he attempted to change (and change he did).. Some of the guys in the books I have read usually decide just to plot along with their same-old attitude and expect the girl to play catch-up.. I'm glad this didn't happen because this guy's ego is pretty big.. This boy is arrogant, hot, edgy and criminal – I guess that's the bad-boy package you get when you read the book... Now there are some issues here – Jude's criminal past comes into play in this book – I mean he does criminal things to woo Lucy ~I felt really disappointed and felt like saying that it "isn't a way to get girls" – and I did and was really frustrated when the book didn't answer back – am I freaking you out because I'm freaking me out with this babble that's streaming through my head~ Also Jude is really really edgy and overprotective when it comes to his life and especially to Lucy.. Some of his reasons are completely valid – he had a rough childhood and was basically thrown around the fostering system but that doesn't give him permission to micromanage things that are wayyy beyond his control.. But let's forgo the nasty and lets focus on the good things – this boy is driven – I mean really driven as in standing-up-in-assembly-and-proclaiming-your-love-kinda-way but not just once, TWICE.. I admire that – all just for one girl... Jude didn't dilly-dally around playing does-she-love-me-does-she-not game he actually knew he was completely and irrevocably in love with Lucy so he completely went for it.. ~I know you guys are both waiting for another BUT and it's coming..~ This guy has huge trust issues – Lucy the same. ~I'm not gonna offer any more until the next paragraph ;)~

The relationship was basically the big rock of the whole novel – Jude's and Lucy's relationship is totally swoon-worthy and altogether frustrating – both of them don't trust each other – they both let things get in the way because they both jump to conclusions – it was really heartbreaking... It also leaked passion – yes both of them seemed to run on different frequencies for a chunk of the story ~yes, they had totally sweet and passionate moments – and I was thinking YESS then other times the fighting would totally take over and I felt like yelling NOOO~ but it wasn't until they both solved the big underlying issue in their relationship that they actually clicked ~No I'm not gonna tell you... As the "clicking" was postponed until the end of the book, I felt like it needed a bit more to it~

I really liked that Nicole set these characters up as polar opposites and really fleshed them out – it gave depth to the story..

Secondary characters, since Lucy didn't really make friends other than Sawyer ~yes, I'm going to have a big rant about this guy~ unless you count Holly at the end... So Holly seemed really great I mean kudos to Nicole for fleshing her out in such a short amount of book ~Yes, this girl causes Lucy to break up with Jude~ Now for the ├╝ber-bastard Sawyer ~excuse my colourful language~ this guy is amazingly manipulative and just a downright jerk – not to mention heavily narcissistic, angry and vindictive.. ~every time I think about what to write I just shudder from what went on from him in the book~ The guy seems totally cool and popular and friendly but his beauty is only skin deep...

This book is a great young adult book – a book I recommend to those who love forbidden romance, a romance between two polar opposites and those who just want an entertaining read... This is probably the best I've read by Nicole Williams and the first of the Crash book series and I stress that you should read it..

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