Monday, July 23, 2012

The Revamp Project

Heey viewers!
I'm really sorry for not posting any new posts recently because i've been humming-and-harring about what I want to do with my blog... Yes yes I am still going to be posting reviews on spectacular up-coming/new release books. The whole reason the post is called "The Revamp Project" is because i've decided to redo my previous/earlier reviews (which haven't been very much of a review rather a slag wall – btw are the shorter ones at the beginning of my blogging experience) so they can be up to my newer standards – so what does this mean? Well the reviews i've been planning to do (in my "Coming Soon" section of the blog) are going to be pushed back a little while. But do stay tuned because my "Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins" review is in its final stages so that is going to be posted for the world to see. Also another thing – school has decided to knock on my front door and beat its way into my house (I'm currently beginning my 2nd week of school and I have loads and loads of homework and assignments to complete so that will definitely slow my whole project progress down)

But do pleassse stay tuned to my page and more updates will be on their way


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