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Inescapable (The Premonition Series #1) by Amy Bartol

So right about now I'm in a book coma... ~*bleck* Yes, I know I hate it too...~ Usually I go back to my lovely little list of AMAZING books but this time I decided to troll through Goodreads scoping for a good book. ~It took a while -- let me tell you..~ I found Inescapable by Amy Bartol, the book's take on angels and what-not was pretty original (but do note that I haven't read many books with angels in them so that might be very biased) -- the whole each-person-has-a-soulmate-but-the-protagonist-falls-for-the-angel was great. To be completely honest it was exactly like Lauren Kate's Fallen in a couple of ways -- I'll make sure to mention later on..

None of you even know how enthusiastic I was about this book to start off with -- It was one of those books that you don't do a double take on ~YOU JUST GRAB IT!~ -- I mean Hello?! High rating, really great reviews and let me just say a lot of other people were totally into this book... But sorry, I couldn't bring myself to like it...

The book opens to Evie, a strong-willed, inderpendant, lovely girl who is starting freshman at college who immediately runs into 3 different guys: Russell (a freshman (from down south) who has a football scholarship) and Reed (the bad boy and *please insert most-beautiful-sexy-dangerous-attractive-adjective here* guy)... Both the love interests. Anyways she also meets Alfred "Freddie" -- her "friend" however some quotes early in the book divulge the true being he is...

I'm going to divulge a nice little secret -- Reed is the strong, personification-of-hotness angel we are waiting for... and Evie falls for him like a brick in the lurvee fountain. And then there's Russell who is the soulmate who Evie is ment to love and cherish -- but here's the twist -- Amy decides to throw in the "bombshell" -- Evie is half-angel... So here's the decision -- should she be with Russell who grows old (and she doesn't) or be with Reed (and live for ever and ever) -- hard choice.

What doesn't help matters is that Evie can't decide what she wants, she loves one, cares for the other -- can't leave any of them -- and there is definitely no way that this girl can expertly juggle men. So the story drags and drags and drags.

Personally, I don't like Russell at all, as soon as he opened his mouth I just thought, damn he's going to be the love-sick puppy type of guy that follows Evie unconditionally around the whole book -- and what totally exhibited the book to damnation -- Russell has that Southern twang (totally and utterly annoying -- and his manners were perfect [which pissed me off even more -- because no one is perfect?!] -- safe to say he was a total hick. I mean he stood up for her but that just isn't enough -- I just received the friendly vibe off him, oh and how he went about his romance -- those moves of his are totally cringeworthy!

Reed, Reed, Reed -- what can I say I like you one minute, hated you the next... You started off cold-hearted and mean but there were valid reasons for you to be like that... I didn't like that you were totally over-bearing towards Evie.. But once the words "I love You" came from her mouth -- you were totally screwed -- Amy change him up a bit he was way to serious and arrogant for Evie -- I mean yeah there is protective and then there is overly protective... ~That definitely got on my nerves~ Alright, lets add some sugar to the lemon... Reed was incredibly sweet to Evie and went out of his way to make her really happy -- I mean he defeated endless amounts of threatening angels -- that deserves some points. He spoiled her and mentored her in the how-to-be-an-awesome-angel-for-dummies sort of way. I guess he was swoon worthy -- i'm only guessing because I didn't totally fall in love with him -- not like other guys in other books.

So lets back-track to Evie, she was somewhat a highlight character of the story, her perspective was really down to Earth -- she spoke from the heart -- but her words didn't really add to my reading experience a lot... It was sort of disappointing really Amy didn't explore or indulge the characters in any way (to a deep extent).

Do you know how I mentioned it being like Lauren Kate's Fallen in some ways, well here we go.. (For those who have read both books pay attention):
1. Luce meets Daniel and totally falls for him -- however he is really secretive and doesn't want to tell Luce his secret [Evie meets Reed *queue the spice and sweetness* -- he is cold-hearted and overly arrogant that they are both flighty] -- THIS MIGHT BE SOMETHING IN ALL ANGEL GENRED BOOKS... idk

2. Luce is alone and doesn't know anyone in Sword & Cross Boarding School -- especially in the girly sort [Evie doesn't gain any girlfriends until about 1/2 way through the book]

3. Daniel & Co. vs. Roland & Co. [Reed/Zeph/Evie vs. Alfred] -- I knowww all stories have to have this but I had to point it out...

Pressing on, I didn't like the ending at all; I mean defeating the enemy bit of the story was average and then to top it off Amy goes and makes Russell step up to the table -- which I don't think is entirely fair on Reed's behalf -- Amy made it seem that surely only Reed had dibs on Evie and then she pulls this crud! ~Oh I was annoyed because I hated Russell right from the get go. This book was averagely good -- and if you are an Angel-genre-lover then go ahead and read it -- if you think its worthy... Anyway it didn't really affect me that much like some books do -- I didn't love it at all... I guess it was somewhat likeable but this book wasn't for me.


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