Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Fine Art of Truth or Dare by Melissa Jensen

This book was probably one of my most anticipated novels to be released this year -- I had it in my mind that it could top Stephanie Perkin's Anna and the French Kiss -- I was so rapt... After reading it however I was severely disappointed.
~The story and characters were just one big fumble of a book, however the writing was alright~ 

I didn't enjoy the book to be frank -- it was just a story going nowhere.. It was extremely awkward and there were multiple times I gave up ~It just took a lot of chanting -- "OMG it might get good you never know" but unfortunately that didn't result into anything~

I was sooo looking forward to the book because of the blurb -- The-invisible-girl-in-a-happily-ever-after-with-the-golden-boy-and-the-girl-has-to-overcome-her-insecurities-to-achieve-this clichè... ~Ha! Try reading that without a breath~ Mel, I gotta say well done in exciting every fan with your great blurb --  But sorry, you DIDN'T deliver. How must I start to fathom the wrongs? 

The main character Ella, a weak and insecure girl who is soo rapt up in everything to do with her insecurities (her burn scar and how people looked at her) and was seriously JUDGMENTAL, severely INSECURE -- basically a bottom-line DOWNER. Ella was completely clichèd and was really weird -- I mean come on she would have conversations with him -- I thought that was damn right weird -- you don't talk to imaginary people (unless the author writes it very very well -- Mel didn't -- her's is a prime example of a complete fail).. Melissa Jensen didn't bother to fully explore Ella -- I just felt that she wasn't fleshed out at all. She didn't make me feel any emotion at all ~Which really does suckk~

Next up we have Alex Bainbridge, "the golden boy" of Willing School, he is pretty plain guy really, Mel just really fluffs him up to look better than he actually was -- he didn't have pizzazz or any stand-out qualities -- basically a typical nice guy however he does get the girl.  I was just expecting so much more from him. In my opinion he had his nice moments, but was downright cold to everyone who wasn't of the same monetary status as him -- just didn't do it for me. Also I don't think he had any rememberable qualities -- I mean only the best do -- what I mean is most fans remember swoon worthy quotes of their favourite book fantasies -- if this were my book fantasy it would be seriously lacking. I did however like how he showed Ella to actually love and value herself -- I admire him for that.

Edward Willing?! Why did you have to introduce him into the book? Isn't this story supposed to be a romance story not a historical adventure into the past, which was pretty much all the story was (you definitely strayed a far way from the blurb, I must add). Having Ella talking to a figment in her imagination was a bit schizo.. and this ultimately added to the crash and burn of this book. I mean, history is sometimes interesting but for it to be added into the book it has to be in either subtle small amounts or just has to be underlying, this book had history streaming out of its ears -- it may as well as been a well-slept-on-history-textbook
The romance between the two of them was sweet at times, but I just didn't see them as a couple material -- in other words it was written very weak -- no sophistication to make it even believable -- it was only skin deep.. I mean where the hell was any sexual action or hot scenes? Well there was none ~Awkward~ Having no romance is a b
it of a bummer -- The book supposed to be about a romance between Alex and Ella? I don't know -- I only saw a little scattering of it -- the romance is the one of the best parts in books, as well as some of the action~ 

The slight highlight of the book was actually the secondary characters -- Ella's bestfriends (Frankie and Sadie) -- I found Frankie more enjoyable to read than Sadie -- he was hilarious -- he added a slight spark to the book but that's about it..

I didn't enjoy or love this book... I'm trying to be more optimistic when it comes to Melissa Jensen's future novellas because this one didn't do it for me..

~I hope you other readers/potential readers out there like/will like this book more then I did -- because I definitely didn't~ 

This book was an epic FAIL... The end


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