Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Amplified by Tara Kelly

~Ok well I know some of you out there say that "OMG?!" this book is amazingg -- thats great and that must mean you obliviously enjoyed it~

But sadly, I didn't.. Sorry Tara but for me you didn't win me over. The blurb was great -- that's what brought me to your book in the first place. It sounded soo great.. Thats the downfall these days with some books -- totally awesome blurbs but doesn't deliver in the actual story.

This book is basically about Jasmine Kiss, an uptight, rebelious, sassy and fiery bitch who struts around town lying to everyone. She's homeless and doesn't want to go back to her father and ultimately conforming. She decides to sign up for a band so she can live -- turns out she hasn't told the band she has never played live before.

Look everyone these qualities are a cliche of a badass chick ~Usually most authors epically fail at writing these sorts of characters -- but there are a select few who can, but sorry you couldn't Tara~ Jasmine totally frustrated me with her ignorant decisions and her "rebellious" choices -- in other words she was a difficult character.

Next up we have Sean Clove - basically a cold downer -- apparently the love interest ~this guy needs happy pills~ anyway he is soo indecisive when it comes to romantic involvement - I found him very "jerky" ~what I'm trying to say is that he found it quite hard to choose which girl -- back and forth etc, etc~ *Tsk Tsk* I felt like yelling at him "Make up your mind buddy seriously?!"

And his twin sister Veta Clove, an outrageously wild lesbian ~By saying this I'm not discriminating lesbians~ she was sort of the only character I liked in this story -- she oozed enthusiasm and pizzazz, she was somewhat the definition of a strong chick who literally owned the stage.

~There are a lot more characters than this they just owned the spotlight in the story - those who've read it would know~

The story itself didn't satisfy me, it was definitely cliche (badass chick roughs it out because she felt a streak of rebellion -- meets love interest - she loves him, he's a dick - falls for another girl then gets his heart broken. Chicks bitch fight then then they all live happily ever after) ~NOT MY THING!~

Tara honestly you didn't dig deep enough - didn't explore emotion... For me it just reached a point where the excitement continued at the same rate. ~Books are supposed to get better as they progress aren't they??~ I didn't feel that urge to finish it out of dire need rather "may as well" (considering I have read all my reading collection of books -- this book was new meat)

~When I say that I'm moot point I think it could be the fact that I'm against music (with the exception to listening to it -- which I frequently do).. It's just that I've never found playing an instrument interesting -- sorry music fanatics but it's my opinion.. And this book seemed to feature a whole lot of music and its jargon - a whole lot of confusion for me~

I was truly disappointed with this book - it didn't live up to its expectations for me ~But remember this is my opinion~ I would rate this a 3/5 - I didn't love it or hate it rather moot point.. I'd suggest this for those who are rock music lovers, romantics or music enthusiasts (in general) ~One, Both or all Three for that matter~


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